Jean Luc MILLET’s CBX- F6R

Text by Denis Courbis - Pictures by Jean Luc Millet  -  Translated  by Jean Paul Grasmuck

1ère version avec fourche conventionnelle sound !

You may have seen already this exceptional CBX , crafted by Jean Luc Millet,  at the Vincennes or Lyon  show, or you may have seen it featured in “le Maillon  No 53”  (the official French CBX club publication), or the CBX club of France website  reporting on the last “Moto Legendes cups” in Monthlery. 

The CBX-F6R  was met with such a success that we were compelled to tell you more about this incredible machine  and its proud owner  and builder.

About the owner :

Jean-Luc MILLETJean Luc is a true enthusiast,  his professional training and current occupation  in computer and data printing were not exactly linked to the creation of a new concept for a classic motorcycle like the CBX !

He is, without a doubt,  a remarkable mechanic and does not need to prove his wrenching abilities, but you will also find him to be  a very friendly and easy going  guy,  calm and down to earth . This is quite a contrast with the muscle and “extravaganza” of the CBX F6R !  Let’s wish him to get over his current health problems .            

Jean Luc always loved  motorcycles  and he owned at one time or another many standards from the 70’s and 80’s  such as the CB750 , Goldwing,  Z1 Kawasaki etc…Also an accomplished racer , he discovered racing through Quad competition where he won 3 regional crowns,  third  at the national 500cc championship, 2nd in Endurance quad races , Hillclimbs  and many more top finishes…

This CBX F6-R is not his first conception,  he also built a Rickman framed 500 H1 Kawasaki and year after year  developed his personal workshop, only short now of a lathe to build his own custom parts.

Expo Lyon 2002

About customizing :

Like many of us, Jean Luc was frustrated by the limits of the stock CBX  handling and not being able to take advantage of its wonderful inline 6 engine. His wish was to modernize the rolling chassis and still enjoy the fabulous 6 cylinder sound.

The CBX transformation was a long project, and his merit was the time he invested in research and his quest for efficiency without sacrificing the looks.  No chances were taken in adapting unproven parts, no half way solutions , no compromise to quality.  The choice of components was made by taking in account the overall  harmony of the bike lines , and to create a unique sleek machine.

Chassis modifications

The stock frame was cut and re-welded after adapting a RC30 single sided swingarm straight from HRC.

A Racing OHLINS shock was fitted for proper rear suspension. The linkage adaptation was done by a

500 GP mechanic friend . The front fork  comes from a Suzuki TLR  with custom made triple tree and engine mounts  from billet aluminium. 

The PVM magnesium front rim comes from a 500 GP bike .  Front brakes are Brembo racing with a radial master cylinder.

The body  parts consists in a stock early CBX tank which was cut , reshaped and re-welded and a Yamaha R1  seat and tail section  adapted to the frame.  The carbon front fender was designed for a VFR, and the shark style nose was borrowed from…. uh…..a  Peugeot scooter , but with a home made carbon top replacing the screen. Underneath this aggressive small fairing, a half moon tachometer (Franck Carbone)  and a numerical speedometer designed for…bicycles.


Engine work

    A big bore kit from Wiseco was installed increasing displacement to 1147cc with forged pistons. The crankshaft was balanced and rods shotpeened.  Serious headwork was done ,  porting  , valve seats etc…

    Carburation  demanded intense tuning, with a stage 3 Dynojet kit and individual K & N filters.  The engine exhaust  system is a splendid custom made stainless set by a local artisan friend of Jean Luc.

Mufflers are tucked underneath the seat and sound powerful .

    The electrical supply is handled by a Kawasaki alternator, more reliable and with less inertia than the stock unit.  Dyna coils help boost the sparks.

    It is interesting to note that the electrical circuitry , now located under the seat , gave Jean Luc most of his headaches in building this custom CBX, because he had to rebuild the circuitry wire after wire.

But all these modifications allowed a 40% power increase compared to the stock engine.

About performance and sensations

    Jean Luc puts it in his own words : “ Performance are equal to many modern sport bikes, with the additional advantage of a 6 cylinder engine.  Power (145 hp at the crank) and weight (200 Kg or 440 lbs dry) make it a treat on twisting mountain roads, even if the engine weight provoke some inertia requiring a riding style adaptation.  Contrary to the general belief, the CBX frame is not to blame in the poor handling of the stock version, the culprits are rather rolling parts and linkage which are too weak for the bike size, in particular the swingarm and bushings.”

Future evolution

     Jean Luc “the perfectionist” is now contemplating fuel injection and is now testing different options, using  programmable ECU and fuel injectors sourced in the automobile industry. There is no doubt that he will  come up with a system soon.

    The CBX F6-R will be displayed at the next “Moto Legends Cups” in Monthlery on May 25 and 26th  among other great customized CBX’s . Don’t hesitate and come on over to admire them and say Hello !

    If  you wish to customize your CBX, Jean Luc is ready to study your project, you can reach him at

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